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Acetone On Plastic Headlights

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Hey guys i cleaned my headlights with acetone tonight but now they are cloudy and im wondering how i should get that off. Its worth a try though.

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The headlight gets foggy due to dirtdustrockssand hitting the plastic as you drive causing tons and tons of tiny scratches in the surface of it.

Acetone on plastic headlights. Does anybody know they look clear as hell now they arent dirty just really cloudy and its bothering me badly. Plus acetone eats certain types of plastic. Acetone vapor for car get your foggy headlights clear and shine gvk1 viral videos.

The materials used are as follows. Acetone eats plastic really really badly and can cause it to fuse to itself. I ran a microfiber cloth wet with lacquer thinner across the area i was prepping for paint and i accidentally went over the old foggy looking like c.

You need to re coat it with a real clear coat. To expand on what niku and chester said. What he does is use polishing compound and rub it in good then use 1000 grit wet sand paper and dip it a bucket of water and go over the entire headlights keeping it wet at all times then use 1500 then 2000 clean that off and use polishing compound again looks super shinny now like new and then use paste car wax.

Headlights are treated out of the factory with a uv resistant outer layer so that they dont yellow. Toss aside all the acetone equipment and buy a 25 headlight restoration kit that includes sandpaper polisher and some abrasivepolishing compound and get a drill or get some elbow grease going. I discovered this by accident as i was cleaning the fender area by the headlight for painting.

Get your foggy headlights clear and shine. Get your foggy headlights clear and shine. When the acetone vapor hits the surface of the plastic it melts it down to a smoother surface getting rid of all the scratches.

Ask question 3. You definitely should replace what you take away. I have no idea how it would do on other plastic or what residue headlight restorer would leave but i used it on clear plastic.

And its vapors are very flammable. At this point there may not be any optical clarity left to save. Not sure why people want to sand down plastic.

When you sand the plastic you are only making it easier oxidation to set in. Headlight restoration in 30 sec flat. This is how i can restore a headlights clarity in about 3 minutes.

Paper towels the blue shop paper towels work best but i use what i have window cleaner aka. If theres anything left at all its going to involve a heck of a lot of sanding to find it. My buddy is a detailer and i asked him same thing and he said never use acetone.

Repairing acetone damage and discoloration to plastic. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you may end up having to buy new headlight assemblies. Do not use acetone on plastic before checking out whether that plastic can withstand acetone.

1000 is more than fine.

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Acetone On Plastic Headlights
Acetone On Plastic Headlights
Not sure why people want to sand
Acetone On Plastic
Acetone On Plastic
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