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Adjustable Parallels Uses

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I made a deal with a guy posting on a forum about items for sale. Parallels are useful as gages in checking the size of slots and openings.

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These adjustable parallels have come in very handy for doing measurements on the surface plate and for setups on the mill and drill press.

Adjustable parallels uses. It is also convenient for use in machine vises for leveling or adjusting work on setups of milling and grinding machines shapers planers drill presses and for many other applications. Parallels of different sizes can support a workpiece that doesnt have a perfectly flat surface on the under side or to provide clearance when drilling. This video covers using parallels on a milling machine.

Adjustable feature makes it possible to adjust to exact size by micrometer measurement and also permits use in place of several solid type parallels. Adjustable parallels have a wide range of uses in layout gaging inspection work and for setups on various machine tools. The parallel is useful as a gage in checking the size of slots and openings.

Adjust the parallel so it fills the slot then measure the parallel setting the angle on a sine plate or vise as an adjustable gage block for leveling or adjusting odd shaped work pieces in a vise. Their adjustable feature makes it possible to adjust them to exact size by micrometer measurements and also permits use in place of several solid type parallels. Adjust the parallel under one end of the sine bar adjust as needed measure width with a micrometer.

Measuring the width of a slot. The proper way to make and use them haas automation tip of the day duration. They are ideal for work on grinding machines shapers drill presses milling machines and many other applications.

A bit of. I helped him out with pricing some things made a list of things he had i wanted and he sent them along with more things. I find them especially useful for making measurements with a sine bar.

Check out this selection of adjustable parallels in pairs and sets of four six and ten pairs. S154lz adjustable parallel set. Click for a bigger picture.

An adjustable parallel set is a valuable addition to any toolbox.

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Adjustable Parallels
Adjustable Parallels
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Adjustable Parallels
Adjustable Parallels
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Adjustable Parallels Uses
Adjustable Parallels Uses
They are ideal for work on grinding
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