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Applying Tung Oil To Wood Floor

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Pool on the thinned tung oil working the oil across the floor with a sponge nylon stockings a paint roller an old cotton rag or even your gloved hands. After sanding and cleaning the wood surface to remove any previous finish spread the oil along the grain pattern using a clean lint free rag.

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Pour 1 to 2 tablespoon of the odorless mineral spirit underneath the the pad.

Applying tung oil to wood floor. Its ready for moderate use in 48 hours and cures in one month. Work the oil into the corners using a toothbrush if necessary to reach the crannies. Possibly 1 part pure tung oil to 2 parts thinner.

Allow the oil to soak into the surface for an hour then sand lightly to promote adhesion. I skip a day and scuff again and apply the third coat. You can also create a mixture of apple cider vinegar white vinegar and water.

Take the cleaning pad and place it on your hardwood. How to clean wood floors with tung oil finish. If the wood floor is very dense and non absorbent you may find a thinner ratio is required.

A beginners guide pure tung oil is a drying oil thats extracted from the seed of the tung tree which is native to china and a few other asian countries. As an optional step you can thin the first coat of tung oil by 50 oil to 50 mineral spirits. Apply the oil finish liberally to the floor according to label directions using a paint roller with a 38 inch nap.

How to apply tung oil to wood. Problems with tung oil on hardwood floors. If it is an old floor and absorbing a lot of oil on the second day a 2 part oil to 1 part thinner will work better.

To get the maximum protection apply 3 coats of full strength tung oil but you can always apply more. The oil has been used for centuries as a water resistant finish for boats and other wooden objects as well as to finish stone. There are a few downsides to tung oil.

Tung oil has been used on boat decks for years and is now becoming a popular wood floor finish. Lastly while all finishes can be damaged with tung oil any damage is easily repaired. Spread the oil finish onto large areas250 square feet or lessand allow it to sit for approximately 15 minutes to soak into the floor.

You can use the regular mineral spirit if the room has good ventilation. I applied more coats until the oil was not penetrating into the wood after letting it sit. The finish will get harder over the years.

How to apply tung oil. I apply one thin coat and by the next afternoon it is dry enough to be scuffed and the second coat brushed on. Wait a 3 7 days to apply followup coats.

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Applying Tung Oil To Wood
Applying Tung Oil To Wood
One part pure tung oil mixed to
Applying Tung Oil To Wood Floor
Applying Tung Oil To Wood Floor
If it is an old floor and
Applying Tung Oil To Wood
Applying Tung Oil To Wood
Minwax tung oil finish creates a remarkably
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