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Arm R Seal Satin Streaks

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Ive done it before. 48 comments on how to finish without streaks.

General Finishes Arm R Seal Urethane Topcoat Satin Rockler

Question About Sanding Topcoat

General Finishes Arm R Seal Urethane Topcoat Satin Rockler

The surface was sanded with 320 grit paper on a foam sanding block between coats of arm r seal to knock down the dust specks.

Arm r seal satin streaks. I feel like ive searched. The top is simply walnut boards doweled and glued together. It did end up pretty nice even with the long drying time of the varnish.

Shannon august 24 2009 853. Ive used a lot of minwax poly in semi gloss and the satin arm r seal seemed to be close to that in sheen. See pictures in link below.

These oil based finishes are formulated to be wiped on with a cloth or applied with a foam brush and they penetrate to provide deep down protection for that natural look. Just a light scuff coat between coats. I am finding it hard to wiping on the finish without leaving streaks.

Arm r seal is not a wipe on wipe off finish. I also was in communication with bob flexner who was very helpful with advice. I next applied arm r seal gloss to the top with a folded up cloth.

Just started using arm r seal only used one can so i cant really comment on what it has been like in the past. Seems as though the satin arm r seal is extremely difficult to wipe on without leaving the streaks. I am in the process of applying the top coat general finishes arm r seal oil urethane topcoat using old t shirts and wiping on to a table top.

I know that poly doesnt melt into the previous coat as some finishes do. It turned out quite nice until i started using arm r seal satin on it. The can i used was satin and to me it had more sheen than i was expecting.

Two additional coats and the streaks were still there. The satin finish looks great in indirect light but direct light shows streaks. I did eight coats 6 gloss then 2 satin on my desk.

The flatter products apply better if stirred frequently infact even if shaken lightly for a wipe on. Rubbing out arm r seal satin. The application directions says not to apply too much pressure on the rag.

I poured some varnish into a plastic food storage container i had been dipping straight from the can of satin arm r seal wetted my nice thick applicator with mineral spirits loaded the applicator with varnish and began wiping on in one continuous stroke. Remember that coats of arm r seal are half coats of poly. Arm r seal topcoats are made with the highest quality urethane resin making them extremely durable and long lasting.

But that doesnt or didnt necessarily mean to me that later coats couldnt conceal earlier streaks. They can settle out while youre applying which means youll get different amounts from swipe to swipe resulting in streaks. Its roughly 3×6 and will have a metal base which my dad is going to help me weld up.

The last coat of arm r seal was done with a cotton rag since after the 2nd coat i didnt like the streaks left. Which brings me to point2 dont build with satin. It goes ok up to about 3 coats and then it starts to get cloudy.

Arm r seal is designed to be used unthinned. I just finished a walnut table top.

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Arm R Seal Satin Streaks
Arm R Seal Satin Streaks
But that doesnt or didnt necessarily mean
Arm R Seal Satin
Arm R Seal Satin
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