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Bad Axe Saw Reviews

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Bad axe small tenon saw review. Hand tools on the road.

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Bad axe saw reviews. Mark sent me two of his new 14 sash saws two of the new 12 carcase saws as well as the beast master his new and even larger 18 rip saw that comes with a thicker saw plate at 0315 and has a full 5 under the back. The quality is as good as any premium vintage saw ive seenand is actually better than most. I particularly like doc holliday 195 the 10 dovetail saw though id rename it annie oakley.

Since his retirement mark has sunk his considerable talents into saw making and restoration and we are all fortunate to have him around to make us all better woodworkers. Bad axe small tenon saw review. I was asked to post a review on this saw by a fellow lj a couple days ago and looking around there were no reviews on this particular saw or anything coming out of bad axe.

This saw has a 2 38 inch depth so it can cut larger dovetails than a conventional dovetail saw like the stiletto. Bad axe tool works makes saws as they would have appeared fresh out of a 19th century american sawmakers shop only you decide how to customize the look and toothline to best suit your woodworking requirement and style. Last week i received some samples of the new line of back saws from bad axe tool works in la crosse wisconsin.

If i were guessing at 0003 set on each side that leaves a kerf of 0024. After a little research i found out the. Mark doesnt have any secrets and he lays out everything in his bag of tricks so that the average woodworker can produce the perfect saw too.

Bad axe tool works 18 tenon rip saw the bad axe saws are of truly serious quality and are a contender against anyand i mean anymodern hand saw made of similar style today. Fun with hand saws 1. Bad axe 12 dovetail small tenon saw the next saw is the 12 inch dovetail small tenon saw.

Quite honestly the name caught my attention first and i figured it was worth a look. The interesting thing about this saw is the hybrid set that bad axe has developed. Get on the fast track to the woodworking content you really like by joining my list and telling me what you most want to see in video text song poetry and performance art.

The saw handled them with noteworthy adeptness and even left an acceptable finish thanks to the 5 degrees of fleam on the teeth from marks well seasoned filing skills. But the saw has a plate 10 depth of cut is 2 15tpi and the saw plate is 0018 thick. A bad axe review.

Please take some time to visit bad axe tool works. Sized to fit your hand a bad axe will never stray far from your workbench. The handle is patterned mark says after an 1876 wheeler madden clemson saw but hes dropped the hang angle a bit which helps get my hand comfortably in line with the blade and directly behind the cut.

This saw was hand filed and set and worthy of note this saw has a canted saw plate. The site is clean and beautiful and chock full of information and tutorials. Our saws will surprise you with how well they perform and they look as good as they cut.

Building a nest of. Two new saws from bad axe. I made cross cuts in 14 inch thick strips of purpleheart oak and locustvery splintery hard woods.

7 years ago. This is thinner than both the ln and lv.

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Bad Axe Saw Review
Bad Axe Saw Review
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