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Best Finish For Pine

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Best finish for pine if you use minwax polyurethane try sanding the almost last coats with a spray of water wetdry sand paper about 300gr. And on the walls of another.

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After power sanding always sand by hand using a block before you go on to the next grit.

Best finish for pine. Im not interested in staining id like to keep the natural color but it needs protection. We are close to finishing the tongue and groove pine floor in our living room and are starting to think about finishes. The soft wood between the growth rings can wear down quicker than the rings if not sanded correctly.

But there is almost nothing around on how to finish it other than to just slap clear varnish or paint on it. A good looking finish always starts with a thorough sanding job especially with a soft wood like pine. The oldest bit five years old at one end has turned a more golden color just naturally and looks a bit shinier than the rest.

In my opinion this is the best and easiest way to finish pine projects. There are lots of books on how to construct fine pine furniture. Sanding is the foundation of any finishing project.

While pine is easy to sand its also easy to damage. Oils are not very durable in comparison to some other choices but they do have some benefits. This isnt the greatest demonstration bu.

The best method for sanding pine is to use a variable speed randon orbital sander. Sorry to those who have already seen this in my blog. There are a wide selection of finishes available for wood furniture.

Sand with a block. The result called grain reversal shows the formerly light bands quite dark and the dark grain lighter in comparison see the photo at the top of the article. Orbital sanders leave swirl marks that make the stained surface look muddy.

You may even be able to do the last coat like this and then use a buffer. One of the oldest of these is oil. I have unfinished tongue groove pine paneling on a ceiling of 1 room.

Any suggestions for the actual. Any comments on the proscons of using tung oil or some other oilwax versus poly. Apply a favorite stain for ash or maple to soft pine or spruce and you may be surprised.

I should have posted here from the beginning as this is the finishing forum. Here are some guidelines. The best book that i have found on wood finishing non paint is by bob flexner understanding wood finishing rodale press.

It is only a few years old but appears no finish was applied. And we like the way that looks. Excess stain absorption is another bane of finishers.

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