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Best Polyurethane For Stairs

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Just a quicky on what im doing to these stairs. Depending on the type of wood and condition of the stairs usually two or three coats of oil based polyurethane are enough.

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It is thicker as well which means fewer coats are required.

Best polyurethane for stairs. Duraseal comes in 5 gallon buckets or 1 gallon cans. Best polyurethane for wood floors. Apply polyurethane in a thin even layer on the top step using a lambs wool.

I am refinishing the stairs in my 1890s house. Just a quicky on what im doing to these stairs. Be very gentle with sanding between the 1st and 2nd coat so that you dont cut into the stain.

It doesnt react or peel and it has low vocs compared to other oil based poly. I must admit i still like the handling characteristics of the oil based better even though i recognize theyre a pain when you have to wait 4 hours for drying so make a choice. When it dries lightly sand with fine sand paper to smooth it out and scratch the finish so that you gain adhesion.

Youll not find two people that agree to which is the best product to use. How to polyurethane new stairs sand each stair with 120 grit sandpaper so that the surface is flat and smooth. Today you still typically get a choice between water based andor oil based polyurethane.

Rubbing out a polyurethane finish using pumice and elbow grease duration. To keep a partially filled can of oil based poly from skinning over cover the finish with this amount of mineral spirits. Best finish for stair treads can anyone recommend using polymerized tung oil for a stair tread finish.

Duraseal oil based polyurethane. We recently switched to duraseal for oil based poly. Solid hardwood engineered and laminate flooring poly finish on stair treads scratches very easily i purchased a jug of expensive water based polyurethane from richilieu about 125 that.

I would apply 3 coats with sanding between coats a must. Duraseal recently reformulated so its harder and has the best durability among oil based polyurethanes. Generally speaking oil based polyurethane is a bit easier to apply.

Invert the can of polyurethane gently about 10 times before use and repeat this regularly as you. When the stain is thoroughly dry brush on a thin even coat. The approximate amount of poly youll need to put three coats of finish on one chair.

Or is polyurethane the way to go.

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Best Polyurethane For Stairs
Best Polyurethane For Stairs
Apply polyurethane in a thin even layer
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