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Board Feet Calculator For Lumber

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This board foot calculator is a free to use tool for converting your dimensions into board feet the standard of measurement in the lumber industry. Thousand board feet mbft board feet bdft linearlineal feet lnft and pieces pc.

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Calculate total cost of board footage linear footage or pieces from any known unit of measure.

Board feet calculator for lumber. Dont know what board feet are. We also have a listing of the most common dimensions of lumber and their equivilent board foot measurement. Enter number of pieces by thickness width and length.

Large slabs of rough wood lumber and exotic woods are usually measured and priced by the board foot which accounts for the thickness width and length of a piece of wood. Board foot is a volume measurement used for lumber where. Total board feet will automatically be calculated and tallied.

Its a measure of the volume of wood thats in a board. We sell most of our lumber by the board foot. Instructions fill out all of the fields in the yellow shaded area then click the calculate button.

Unit of measures available include. Bf board feet. Board feet can be calculated as.

Convert any known uom to any other coded uom. Of pieces thickness in. Results will appear in the green shaded area.

Bf w t l 12 1 where. Lumber board footage calculator. By definition a board foot is one square foot one inch thick.

A board foot is actually a measure of volume. Board footage is simply the unit of volume measure of a piece of wood in feet. To calculate board footage use the following formulas.

Simply input your dimensions and click calculate. After viewing your results you may change some or all of your inputs and recalculate the results. This lumber calculator is designed to help you plan out woodworking projects.

W nominal lumber width in. The first board has twice the amount of wood in it its twice as wide and the same length. 1 board foot 144 in 3 112 ft 3 2360 cm 3 2360 liters 0002360 m 3.

Go here to find out. This board foot calculator allows you to quickly estimate the volume of hardwood lumber you want to buy. Lumber is usually sold in board footage this wood calculator takes each of the pieces in your project and figures out how much wood you need to buy to make them.

If youre not sure how to calculate board feet or what a board foot is scroll down for some more in depth information. Both diyers and building professionals will like these garden and outdoor living ideas and plans. Otherwise simply type the dimensions of a wood piece into this board foot calculator.

The unit of measurement for this kind of lumber then is the board foot.

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Board Feet Calculator
Board Feet Calculator
1 board foot 144 in 3 112
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