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Breadboard Ends With Dowels

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There are plenty of instances where doweling breadboard ends may be acceptable such as in small tops. Where it says glue the dowel to the end only it just means put enough glue on the dowel to keep from falling out and not put so much glue it glues the tenon to the breadboard end.

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Mark the location of each dowel and drill completely through the breadboard end with it off of the table top.

Breadboard ends with dowels. Keep dowels close to center of table to allow for expansion and a couple finish nails on the outer edge. This is just a quick overview of how i attached my breadboard ends on my latest project. I use just dowel and glue through end of bbe.

My thought was to glue the tenon into the end grain of the planks then loose fit them into the breadboard on the ends with elongated holes and dowels to allow for expansion then glue and pin the center tenon. Just be aware that there are shortcomings with the joint. I see that the more traditional breadboard ends have the screwsdowels entering from top or below the breadboard end not the end edge.

For this one the tongue can also extend to the end of the breadboard similar to the sliding dovetail example above. So here is a short tutorial. The top will expand and contract so you use a slotted pin hole in the tongue.

If you build the panel in the winter when. Cut the tongue on the panel about 1 4 narrower than the length of the mortise in the end piece and drill the dowel holes through the approximate middle of the tongue length. The bread board ends are then fastened with pins.

Either the top or the ends can have a tongue cut on the entire width. Just attaching the bread board ends with dowels or short loose tenons will not capture the entire width of the top. That way it squeezes both sides of the end holding onto the tenon better.

Forum responses furniture making forum from contributor j. Last week i did a dining table and got tons of questions about the breadboards. Now dry fit the breadboard end onto the table and mark the location of the dowel hole on the tenon.

I put my dowels 1 inch from the edge of the table splitting the distance to the end of the tenons. Learning how to make breadboard ends it a staple technique for anyone in woodworking. Another option which i prefer is to use screws to attach the ends.

The length of the breadboard ends equals the width of the panel at its widest which occurs during high humidity months. Screws or nails are also an option when attaching breadboard ends but theyre only marginally better than dowels in most respects and have the same drawback. It was a fun.

There is no doubt that there are many methods of doing this but this is the way i did it. I have seen this done with hand cut tenons but was curious if anyone has done this with. As you probably know when you make the joint you want to keep the width wise expansion of the top in mind so that the breadboard ends dont crack the.

This fits into a groove. Tongue groove with optional dowels thanks at tx turner source.

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