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Circular Saw Crosscut Jig

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For a project in our i can do that web series host chad stanton built an awesome crosscut jig to get 90 degree cuts every time he uses his circular saw. As you can see in the upper drawing the jig is just a wooden box thats notched to fit a specific size of stock.

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I didnt put much thought into it.

Circular saw crosscut jig. Series this short video shows how to make a simple cross cutting jig for use with a circular saw. Max cut 2 circular saw crosscut miter jig. Circular saw cross cut jig this is the jig you need to turn your circular saw into an accurate cross cut saw circular saw crosscut jig one of the best ways to get better crosscuts in less time is to make a crosscutting jig circular saw crossscut jig i often had trouble making square cuts in two by stock with a circular saw.

When you need to make straight cuts but dont have a miter saw handy this crosscut jig will let you just grab. Build this simple crosscut jig to use your circular saw for straight accurate cuts. I decided to give this jig a name.

What can you do with a crosscut jig. A crosscut jig will allow you to make straight cuts every time. To make a crosscut guide for your circular saw.

Cut a piece of 1x 4 lumber the length you want to crosscut plus about 6 we made our guide 18 long for crosscuts. Although this jig. You could use a hand saw jig saw or circular saw but for me its nearly impossible to get a straight cut.

We decided to make it a video extra so our viewers could access it any time. I thought it was a unique jig to have in the shop. How to make a circular saw crosscut jig and router guide 2 in 1.

The jig allows for accurate repeatable cross cuts with. The best way to make square straight crosscuts on lumber or plywood with a circular saw is by using a homemade crosscut guide. Well have you ever needed to cut a piece of lumber that is too big to fit in your miter box or miter saw.

When i first saw this video i kicked myself for not having thought of building one before. I wish i had this years ago when i first started experimenting with wood. Offered as a bonus in the i can do that.

I have this new jig i recently built. This circular saw crosscut jig will open up a world of possibilities right in your own shop. So i solved this problem by making a simple guide jig.

Circular saw crossscut jig i often had trouble making square cuts in two by stock with a circular saw. You will be able to cut at various angles with ease safely make dados create half lap joints and work with an expanded cut capacity.

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