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Compressor Duty Motor Definition

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Just to be specific there is a difference between a regular motor and a compressor duty motor. Farm duty compressor and pump duty are not industry classifications but are manufacturers descriptions and can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

3 Hp Compressor Duty Motor

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Specially designed as a replacement motor for air compressors this motor has a high breakdown torque of a 5hp motor but continuous duty rating of a 3hp motor.

Compressor duty motor definition. For example a compressor with a total cycle time tc of 10 minutes and a running time tr of six minutes has a duty cycle of 60 percent. Nema standards are us industry standards that are the same among all manufacturers. This will inevitably lead to maintenance issues which are avoided by being sure of the duty cycle before you buy and when you use your air compressor.

Compressor duty is a marketing term so it can mean anything but probably it means the motor has a nema rating of c or d. A compressor that shows ample flow capacity for your air grinder might run well beyond its duty cycle when it is being used on a big job at home. It is made to have a high breakdown torque so it can achive the top psi without slip.

Trust leeson for high45quality compressor duty motors to get the job done. And secondly most home shops could probably use compressor duty motors in all their machines. If you are running the air compressor in the dead of winter or on a hot summer day the amount of cool down time will vary.

It is designed with a higher starting torque maybe a specialized pull up torque curve and a heavier start winding. First the compressor duty motor is not as robust as a regular motor. Duty cycle a term typically used as a rating for electric motors is the time a compressor runs compared to the total cycle time total time running and stopped.

Air compressor duty cycle refers to the amount of time a compressor can be operated in a given time period at 100 psi and a standard ambient temperature of 720 f. Not something youd need on a table saw. European motors are made to isodin standards that are the same among manufacturers using that system.

Hence compressor duty would suggest a motor that is frequently on and off maybe by need for the life of the motor and under constant torque. Its only made to run at full torque when you are approaching top psi.

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