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Cottonwood Lumber Properties

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Cottonwood residential owns and manages quality apartment communities in prime locations across the us. The wood is soft and weak in bending and compression and low in shock resistance.

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Main uses furniture furniture arts millwork and moulding toys and kitchen utensils.

Cottonwood lumber properties. Physical properties cottonwood is relatively light in weight. The average specific gravity is 032 green or 037 ovendry. You hear a lot about warping but if its sawn and dried properly its not a problem.

Where available as lumber sometimes in 18 thickness for drawer backs and bottoms expect to pay about 1 per board foot. Bending strength is classed as low while in stiffness and toughness black cottonwood is rated as intermediate. Specialized uses are venetian blinds shutters and caskets.

Cottonwood residential your home at last. We are committed to delivering a superior resident experience by always finding a way to say yes find out more. Since 1976 cottonwood properties has been dedicated to making tucson a better place through quality development community involvement and respect for the environment.

When woodworkers shun cottonwoodeither from unfamiliarity or rumors of instabilitythey miss out on a good wood at a great price. If the trailer is kept inside it can be used as trailer. I would not recomend it for cabinet or flooring because it is a softer wood.

Mechanical properties black cottonwood is a weak wood that is rarely used in applications where high strength is required. Cottonwood harmful properties non toxic cottonwood interlocked grain yes cottonwood kiln dried shrinkage moderate cottonwood machine tools average cottonwood mortising fair or satisfactory cottonwood movement after drying low cottonwood nail holding poor nails pull out easily cottonwood nailing good seldom splits wood cottonwood natural. Eastern cottonwood is the state tree of kansas and nebraska and is sometimes called the pioneer of the prairie.

Cottonwood is a very nice wood to use for shelfs knick knack as it is light weight. Some uses are red oak cabinets with cottonwood shelves and also framing lumber sub floors crates boxes paneling and even caskets. Veneer isnt usually retailed because demand is low.

I think the stain brings out the grain and looks real nice. Pioneers on the oregon trail would look for such trees as their shade and firewood was a welcome respite and their presence usually meant that water was nearby. Cottonwood properties is a real estate business that helps buyers sellers investors and also the service or property management in the areas of black mountain asheville montreat fairview oldfort marion.

I use minwax stain ipstich pine is my favorite and deft finish.

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