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Cutting Door Jambs For Flooring

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A friend of mine has a new house and the hardwood flooring installer over cut the door jambs and casing. The first thing i do is to cut a small piece of the laminate the width of the board by about 3 inches.

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Place a scrap of backer board on top of the tile.

Cutting door jambs for flooring. Personally i use a japanese saw when cutting jambs so i never have this problem. Use a handsaw to cut through the door jamb or casing. The main objective when cutting door jambs is to cut it at the exact height and to have room under the door jamb for expansion.

News under cutting door jambs with a hand saw before installing laminate flooring. As shown in this photo you can see the small piece of laminate and padding positioned up to the door jamb. To cut door jambs so flooring will fit under them turn a piece of flooring over to use as a guide.

The best ways to cut the bottom of an interior door jamb using a jamb saw. 1 clean the floor around the jamb and pull out any nails from the jamb that may interfere with. To trim door jambs and casings for tile on a wood subfloor.

Measure and mark a line across the width. Attach the cement backer board to the floor. The casing that frames the doorway and hinges the door.

Also known as an undercut saw. Remove the cut scrap of door jamb or casing. Lay a handsaw flat on top of the flooring and saw through the jamb.

There are gaps between the flooring and the door frame of one sixteenth of an inch up to three eighths. Place a piece of tile on the back side. Step two preparing the laminate.

Blades will be 18 to 12 and can cut in either direction. Step three preparing the tile. Put a tile on the plywood subfloor.

Also use a piece of the underlayment under the laminate so you can cut the jamb to the correct height. 3 put on a pair of goggles. 2 look for the adjustment on the side of the saw that determines how far the blade sits off.

Next place a piece of scrap laminate on a piece. Press the saw down against the laminate as you cut. Cutting door jambs between laminate and tile step one measuring the door jamb area.

I also cut the same size piece of underlayment as shown in this photo.

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