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Cutting Metal Roofing With Jigsaw

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Cutting corrugated tin discussion in shop talk started by. Yes jigsaw but you need a good quality jig saw and top quality fresh blades it is hard and slow going keeping it from vibrating and you dont want to use a high speed.

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It will only be like 30 thick.

Cutting metal roofing with jigsaw. Now you can mount the blade in the saw and cut the roofing metal but you are only removing 116 of an inch a much thinner and easier cut. The process is the same as the above when cutting this type of material so use the same basic procedures and you should be fine. Circular saw is posible but it is hard on light weight machines and ones with aluminum bases.

I need to cover my grand daughters dog house. They found me some blades i could use in a jigsaw. I have 70 sheets to cut to skirt the house for winter fall is coming and im getting everything ready now.

Jigsaw vs nibbler vs shears for corrugated iron in the past i have just used a jigsaw with metal blade however this results in a fair bit of cleaning up the edges with a file if you dont want to lose a finger somewhere along the way. Cutting thru metal with a circular saw or jigsaw. You knock a tooth off.

Anyone ever cut it with a jigsaw. Bosch are particularly proud of the latest addition to their stable of jigsaws. You can cut this type of metal roofing material with a jigsaw even though there are better tools out there that can do the job much better.

Sheet metal is made of stainless steel galvanized iron or aluminum and you can cut sheet metal manually using different kinds of tools. Will a carbide skill saw blade work. Jigsaws are increasingly being used for cutting harder materials metal in particular.

I only need to make 2 cuts from a sheet i have. Some of the most common cutting tools are metal shears circular metal saws or even a cutting torch depending on the thickness of the sheet metal but the most recommended cutting tool for sheet metal is a jigsaw. Best method to cut sheet metal corrugated roofing.

Big for a dog house but she keeps 2 dogs. Have small hands not as strong as they used to be. I use pencil lines pop lines are too fuzzy.

Obviously though cutting metal requires not only the correct blade but a jigsaw with the power needed to perform the cut accurately and safely. Metal skill saw blade or jigsaw blade. Metal roofing with ribs cuts easier from the back sidethe down side when screwed to the roof.

It is 4 ft wide and about 5 ft long and insulated.

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