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Define Hallowed

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The colleges hallowed tradition of ringing the chapel bell one hundred times before commencement ceremonies. Hallowed is the past participle of the verb hallow a term that descends from the middle english halowen.

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Define hallowed. Synonyms and antonyms of hallowed. During the middle ages all hallows day was the name for what christians now call all saints day and the evening that preceded all hallows day was all hallow even or. Verb when you attribute religious meaning to the name of god this is an example of a time when you hallowed the name or made it holy.

Hallow synonyms hallow pronunciation hallow translation english dictionary definition of hallow. The adjective form hallowed as used in the lords prayer means holy consecrated sacred or revered. Related content speak the season.

To hallow is to make holy or sacred to sanctify or consecrate to venerate. Our hallowed political institutions. That word can in turn be traced back to halig old english for holy.

A holy person or saint. Hallowed hallowing hallows 1. To respect or honor greatly.

And therefore not only the bench but the foot place. Very respected and praised because of great importance or great age. Deserving honor and respect especially by reason of age.

The noun form hallow as used in hallowtide is a synonym of the word saint. To render sacred to consecrate exodus 2838. Every cricketer wants to prove his worth on the hallowed turf of lords.

To make or set apart as holy. Hallowed is defined as to declare sacred or holy or to honor as holy. 7 essential words of fall halloween cornucopia and harvest moon are just some of the terms that trend during the fall season.

291this word is from the saxon and properly means to make holy the name of god is hallowed ie is reverenced as holy matthew 69. The place of justice is an hallowed place. And precincts and purprise thereof ought to be preserved without scandal and corruption.

Hallowed be thy name. Adjective adjective noun hallowed is used to describe something that is respected and admired usually because it is old important or has a good reputation. Holy or highly respected.

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Define Hallowed Ground
Define Hallowed Ground
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