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Drill Press Quill Slop

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Once i got it all assembled i noticed a lot of play in the quill when it is full extended. I was going to get another steel city for the new shop but at the time there were rumors.

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It is such a small but annoying amount i was thinking of removing the quill and peening it much like you would peen the bar of a miter gauge to snug it in the miter slot.

Drill press quill slop. I bought a used central machinery benchtop drill press for a cub scout project where i needed a press and didnt want to spend a lot. I got out my dial indicator magnetic base and was able to measure 012 013 total play in the quill. The drill press in the picture was made by king kong ind.

Found a 16 speed 3 pulley press with a 34 hp motor and built stout. Even after 29 years of constant hard use it is still the smoothest most accurate drill press i have used. Is this a normal amount of play or should i take the dp to the local delta service center.

The cheap delta got returned a couple months after i got it because of quill slop then i got the steel city because of the split head casting. Most every drill press has a screw that takes up the slop in the quill. How to remove the shaft slop.

You should see two lands that the quill rides on. Id peen it from top to bottom on the back on either side of the rack gear. Drill press quill slop.

Mike a lot of the older taiwan machinery is much better quality then the current chinese products. One at the bottom and one at about half the length of the quillmark these locations on the outside of the drill press head. See if you have one and turn it you dont want it tight but just enough to let the quill go up and down but takes up the slop.

About 2 years ago i bought a delta 17 959l drill press for my new shop this was after i had a steel city 17 at my old shop and a delta 17 950 previous to that. Hi im a new member hope i found the right forum for this question. Do you experience problems drilling accurately even when you have nicely center punched the correct location for a hole.

Thought it would work fine which it did but i started noticing. Got it for 52 with a 20 off coupon. Ive got a big old work horse walker turner drill press really sturdy solid machine but has a bit too much slop in the quill and i frequently use it for jobs that maybe should be done in a mill but dont quite require that sort of accuracy.

Im new to this forum but am looking for some advise. My drill press was letting the bit dance around a bit quite a bit when starting a hole so the hole frequently ended up jus. Harbor freight 5 speed 8 inch drill press.

I then would drill and tap three holes appox. Its a screw on the side with a slot and nut around it. I just bought a new delta 17 950l drill press from lowes.

Ive run into a number of drill presses that are cheap import models and suffer from a bit of quill slop. 120 deg apart 38 16 around lower band and deburr inside of quill bore.

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