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Duracell Battery Leak On Skin

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Battery chemicals shouldnt be placed near the eyes or ingested. Should i be worried as far as my health is concerned.

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Always take precautions when handling exposed battery chemicals.

Duracell battery leak on skin. If battery is leaking contents may be irritating to respiratory passages. Potassium hydroxide can cause mild to severe chemical burns if it contacts bare skin. If youve ever owned an electronic device youve almost certainly learned that alkaline batteries are prone to leak when left alone for too long.

But if your devices that had leaking batteries inside them still work despite the chemicals then i guess the chances of some other device being damaged from me touching the chemicals and then touching the other device is pretty well non existent. What happens when battery fluid leaks onto your skin. I remember batteries used to leak in the 70s but that was cheap chinese brands however they have all improved except duracell who have gone back to the 70s.

Its not the first time that this has happened with duracell batteries recently. Trace amounts of potassium hydroxide from battery leakage usually only result in minor itching and irritation. If irritation injury or pain persists consult a physicianinhalation.

Remove to fresh air. Duracell suggests their alkaline batteries are made of alkaline manganese dioxide. Wearing safety goggles or a face mask is highly recommended when handling car batteries or lithium batteries.

There is a cosh datasheet here for alkaline batteries. Yes in alakaline batteries the electrolyte is absorbed into the cell plates and will not leak even if the battery is damaged in an accident. Contact physician at onceskin.

A typical cell is housed in a sealed metal housing with a high pressure safety vent. Aa alkaline battery leakage health risks. If battery is leaking irrigate exposed skin with copious amounts of clear tepid water for at least 15 minutes.

Contact a physician immediately if this should occur. I noticed my skin was wet and after about 20 seconds i smelled a strong ammonia like scent. The electrolyte is caustic alkaline ph 135.

I removed some old double a panasonic batteries from an old device and the fluid leaked onto my skin. Consumer reports explains why that happens. If you do come into contact with a leaking battery flush your skin thoroughly with watereye exposure requires thorough irrigation and a visit to a physician.

Again in case of skin contact medical attention is only indicated if irritation persists. I guess if the battery chemicals were that corrosive i would find huge holes all over my floor. Always wear rubber nitrile or latex gloves before you handle the leaking battery or the leaked material.

Heres a safety data sheet for a whole alkaline battery. I had a maglite led torch that took 3aaa cells they leaked too. Battery leaks can contain caustic chemicals that irritate the skin lungs and eyes.

Although most batteries contain chemicals that wont harm exposed skin they should still be treated as any chemical would.

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