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Gas Fireplace On Off Switch Not Working

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When summer came i turned off the pilot and gas line. But the wall switch will not turn on or turn off with the burner.

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When i first moved in the fireplace worked when using the wall switch.

Gas fireplace on off switch not working. Some gas fireplace inserts are equipped with a blower motor to direct warm air into the room. Pex made easy. So hire an expert if youre not comfortable doing any of this in a safe manner.

As always shut off the gas before you do any repairs and if you smell gas let it clear first. Thanks for you help in thisconfused. If your gas fireplace isnt starting there could any number of possible issues contributing.

If the blower motor is not working properly try troubleshooting the equipment to check for common problems. What to do when your gas fireplace wont light. My gas fireplace wont light.

I would like to change this switch for a brown one. If the switch was poorly installed in the first place you may find yourself having problems even sooner and the switch may even pose a safety threat. The switch in the bottom will not turn on or off the burner either.

First check to see if your pilot light. Hitting the switch does not cause the gas to flow. So i bought a home with a gas fireplace that is controlled by a wall switch.

Fixing a broken switch on an electric fireplace should be as simple as replacing a switch for your lights. Can anyone tell me how to turn off the juice to that switch. We opened up the wall switch and touched the wires together but still nothing so its not the switch.

Diy pex coil solar water heater. Step 1 turn off the gas valve that controls the. If you can not see a spark when pushing the ignitor first clean the metal surfaces of the thermopile.

Ive tripped all the breaker switches and even during a power outage this switch still lights the fire place. How to troubleshoot the blower on my gas fireplace inserts by james clark. Now that its colder ive decided to turn the pilot back on.

I turned on the gas line first then turn the knob to pilot and pushed the igniter. Because theyre flipped up and down so frequently switches can fall into disrepair in as little as 5 years. With gas and flames involved things can get dangerous as in blow your house up dangerous.

I have a gas fireplace that is turned on by a wall switch.

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