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Gfci Outlet Keeps Tripping When I Plug Something In

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2 answers i cleaned my refrigerator and shortly afterwards it trips the gfci outlet every time its plugged in. It has a refrigerator plugged into it but nothing else that runs constantly.

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Recently when the refrigerator is plugged in it will trip after a couple of days.

Gfci outlet keeps tripping when i plug something in. Once the outlet is completely dry reset the gfci. Because the gfci can detect the tiniest leaks it shuts off the power to prevent you from getting a nasty shock. Did i blow a fuse inside the refrigerator or short circuit something out.

To determine where current is leaking follow these steps. Gfci outlet keeps tripping. I also noticed recently that the patio outletnot gfci works sporadically.

Plug in one appliance at a time until the gfci trips. Why does my gfci outlet keep tripping. And a gfci is designed to trip in less than 110 of a second when it detects even tiny amounts of leaking current.

If your gfci outlet is continually tripping it could probably benefit from some further investigation. Unplug everything from the outlet and see if the gfci stops tripping. That will happen later today.

A gfci trips when the current coming in through the hot and out the neutral are not equal. Plug everything back in one at a time to see which appliance is causing the breaker to trip. Gfcis and false tripping.

The fact that your gfci trips whenever something is plugged into a load side outlet but not when plugged into the gfci itself suggests to me that theres a neutral to ground fault neutral wire touching ground somewhere on the load side. A friend is lending a sort of portable gfi that we can use between the fridge and the outlet on the non protected circuit. Ive had a refrigerator and a water softener plugged into the outlet for a couple of years with no problem.

With cb back on all receptacles have 120vac available but the second something that draws even the smallest amount of current is plugged in the gfci trips. This is a safety feature. The garage outlet is a gfci outlet and it keeps tripping about once a week.

Unplug all appliances on that outlets circuit. Push the reset button. Ge refrigerator keeps tripping the gfci switch when plug in.

The gfci ground fault circuit interrupter is there to protect you. In fact although they can have a lifespan of about 15 to 25 years some gfcis can fail as early as 5 years. Its no secret that like most things gfci outlets do not last forever.

I replaced the gfci with a brand new one but still have the same problem. I replaced the 15a gfci outlet with a 20a gfci outlet but it still trips about once a week. If theres water in the gfci trip the breaker and use a blow dryer to dry out the receptacle box.

When it senses something blocking the electrical current or a leak in the current it shuts off the electricity. The gfi outlet then worked fine the signal light remained green and the reset switch did not trip.

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Gfci Outlet Keeps Tripping
Gfci Outlet Keeps Tripping
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