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Hop Hornbeam Wood

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The largest tree in north dakota is 33 feet tall with a canopy spread of 34 feet. After breaking off several screws including metal roofing type that i find pretty tuff that hornbeam pole turned into a bunch of picaroon handles and a few walking sticks.


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Hophornbeam Ostrya Virginiana Mill K Koch

Hop refers to the trees fruit which resembles hops think beer.

Hop hornbeam wood. It is one tuff wood i understand it is the best for replacement pitman rod on old sickle bar mowers. Hop hornbeam ostrya virginiana general description also known as american hop hornbeam. Heres what the fruit looks like.

Eastern hop hornbeam american hop hornbeam hop hornbeam ironwood leverwood ironwood hornbeam tree. The bark and inner wood was used to treat toothache sore muscles coughs and many other ailments by american indians. Three species occur in north america.

A small slow growing tree found in pockets along rivers in eastern north dakota. Turns glues and finishes well. The common english name hornbeam derives from the hardness of the woods likened to horn and the old english beam tree cognate with german baumthe american hornbeam is also occasionally known as blue beech ironwood or musclewood the first from the resemblance of the bark to that of the american beech fagus grandifolia the other two from the hardness of the wood and.

Eastern hop hornbeam is named for its fruits which are clusters of flattened papery scalelike sacs arranged in an overlapping pattern like scales on a pinecone resembling the hops that beer is made from. The hop hornbeam is the most common of these with distribution throughout the eastern woodlands from southern canada to east texas and all of arkansas. American hornbeam carpinus caroliniana has smooth grey bark which is often rippled like muscle causing it to be called muscle wood in some areas.

It is slow growing and fairly long lived reaching 150 years. Horn beam means hard wood. The hop hornbeam is one of eight species belonging to the birch family that are widely scattered across the northern hemisphere.

Blue beechs official name is american hornbeam without the hop. This species serves as an example of the confusion that can be caused by using common names. Reacts poorly to steam bending attempts.

So named because the fruit bears a resemblance to the fruit on hop vines hence hop hornbeam. Uses the wood of hop hornbeam is hard and durable. Leaves resemble elm but this tree is a member of the birch family.

Hop hornbeam is the only species of the genus ostrya that is native to canada. Hop hornbeam ostrya virginiana has light brown shreddy bark and gets the hop hornbeam name from the cluster of overlapping seed pods which resemble a cone of fruits on a hop vine. Hophornbeam has high cutting resistance which also means that the finished wood product has good wear resistance.

A closely related tree the blue beech carpinus caroliniana also carries the hornbeam and ironwood names. It is used for fence posts fuel and tool handles. Overall a difficult wood to work.

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