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Horse Bit Size Chart

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Mouthpiece thickness varies according to the following table. Loose rings i go bigger because they pinch and i add bit guards.

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You also dont want a great length of bit hanging out of the horses mouth.

Horse bit size chart. Hilary clayton veterinarian at msu conducted a yearlong bit study funded by the usea that examined and compared the position and movements of different types and sizes of bits in the horses mouth using fluoroscopy which provides a moving radiographic view. Standard bit width size is 5 inches. If you are fitting a jointed bit like a d ring or loose ring snaffle there may be no wrinkle on the lips at all.

The length of the bit corresponds to the width of your horses mouth. The space between the two 1 12 inch marks should be 5 inches 2. Using the ruler mark points 12 1 and 1 12 inches from each hose end.

When attached to an appropriately adjusted bridle the bit should rest comfortably at the corners of your horses mouth. This measurement is usually provided in inches and fractions of an inch such as 5 or 5 12. Marina demonstrates a few different ways to get your horses correct bit measurement.

Rule of thumb is that there should be one wrinkle at the corners of your horses mouth no more. Neue schule mouthpieces are available in a range of sizes between 4 101 mm and 6 12 165 mm. For more information and other in depth how tos please visit us at htt.

Horses with larger muzzles or jaws usually take a 5 12 6 inch mouthpiece. Measure your horses mouth for proper bit sizing. Length of the mouthpiece.

Wrap a strip of red tape between the 12 and 1 inch marks at each end. A bit should fit your horses mouth so that the mouthpiece extends approximately 14 inch 06 cm beyond the horses lips on either side but not so tight that the horse might be pinched by any movable cheek pieces. 161h wb with a slightly pony face that takes a cob size halterbridle.

Snaffle bit horses with small muzzles or jaws usually wear a 4 12 inch mouthpiece. The table below shows the imperialmetric conversions. 5 but can go up to 525 or 55 depending on the make of the bit ex.

The bit should fit comfortably across the bars the toothless gap between the incisors and molars of the horses jaw and that may mean there isnt just one wrinkle or any wrinkle at all. Making the measuring tool 1.

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Bit Size Chart
Bit Size Chart
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