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How To Determine Chuck Key Size

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The packs are normally display refills or actual displays but can be bought for personal use as well. Any industrial supplier should be able to supply a keyregards rod.

Chuck Keys And Chuck Key Holders Machine Tool Accessories

Drill Chuck Key Sizes The Hobby Machinist

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The multi sized chucks are normally in a cross shape with four different sizes on each device.

How to determine chuck key size. I work part time at an ace hardware store and have encouraged a number of customers to do this when in the same boat as you. One of the more popular brands is jacobs and most manufacturers will list an equivalent number which can make determining a replacement key a bit easier. If you have a supreme chuck and you try.

Is there a way to determine what chuck key size i need. Drill press chuck key size. Ed the chuck should have a number on it which would cross reference to a key size.

Take the craftsman drill with you to a hardware store or sears to test fit the key replacement before you buy. For example common sizes include 516 inch 932 inch 38 inch and 14 inch chucks. These normally come in a variety of sizes.

Making sure you get the correct sized chuck avoids a second trip to the hardware store. There are more then 12 variations of chucks so have the right information when making your selection. Measure the diameter at the widest point with a ruler to determine the correct chuck key size.

Determining the proper replacement chuck key for your drill can be very frustrating. Its an older model probably made in the 60s by the thor machine tool co. Jacobs chuck key selection guide.

Its got a jacobs style scroll chuck on it but its not a jacobss brand. If you lost the chuck purchase a replacement. If its not marked you could just haul it in to your local well stocked hardware store and try different keys in the chuck.

How to size chuck keys. Other drill chuck key sizes available include 732 inch 1564 inch and 932 inch. Today most cordless and corded drills feature a keyless chuck which enables you to quickly and easily change your drill bit without any tool other than your hands.

The chuck works great since the cleaning as suspected there was some baked saw dust under the ring gear. Such a small object can stop your project in its tracks when you cant change your bit. Usually on the side of the drill chuck there will be some stamped numbers.

Determining chuck key size recently picked up a heavy duty had held drill. The new key which was a t 5 had a longer pin and the bevel gear is taller too. For example my milwaukee drill has a jacobs 33ba chuck which a supplier can look up and determine that it takes a k32 key.

Used to use this drill press with a hole saw to cut hole in a lot of particle board. If you have an old drill or a drill press around you know that a chuck key is a small tool that you use to change drill bits and accessories in a keyed chuck.

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Chuck Keys And Chuck Key Holders Machine Tool Accessories

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