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How To Make A Tack Cloth With Mineral Spirits

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Their alternative was a wipedown with a rag laden with mineral spirits. So i thought id ask you boys and girls which you prefer.

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I bought some tack cloth to help me with a current project.

How to make a tack cloth with mineral spirits. As said mineral spirits on a rag only moves the dust arouind and doesnt pick it all up. Turn the cloth into a rag by cutting it into the size of a handkerchief. My tack cloths are cotton rags moistened with lacquer thinner.

As pinwheel points out what you use depends on what youre wipingapplying. When making a tack cloth alternative follow these simple steps. After using it one time i find that i prefer a damp cloth of mineral spirits rather than the tack cloth.

Look for cloth made out of cotton. Basically something that evaporates fast without a residue. For two bucks you get 17 x 36 of tack cloth which if you learn how to fold it properly read the instructions will give you eight and a half square feet of tacking surface.

The best formula ive used for making tack cloths is to soak cheese cloth in a solution made up from the following. A tack cloth will pick up every speck of dust. I havent used any water based finishes to date so i have no first hand experience with which to make these claims.

Go to the sporting goods store and buy a cheap batters bag which is filled with unrefined tree rosin the key to making beautiful varnish. Old baby diapers shirts and heavy cheesecloth would be great as a tack cloth substitute as long as they are washed well and lint free. Oh the mad scotsman was right about the dustfree material.

If i use a tack cloth i just buy them theyre about 1 at my local ace hardware store. 1 part alkyd varnish not polyurethane 1 part raw linseed oil not boiled 1 part gum or spirits turpentine not paint thinner or mineral spirits all these components. I have made tack cloths for varnish by dribbling varnish onto the rag wetting it with mineral spirits and massaging it until its just like a store bought tack cloths.

You need a few quarts of olive oil. It takes a bit of practice to get the proportions just right but its a worthwhile practice. I just finished a birch china hutch that wasnt stained just wood with a water based poly finish.

Take a ziploc to your local olive garden and get the unlimited salad and breadsticks lunch. How to make a tack cloth. The frugal furniture maker.

Make your own tack rags. Look in the car care section of any big box type of store and you will find wipe cloths with micro fibers. Which do you lj use tack or ms to clean up the piece before applying the first and subsequent coats of finish harold.

If you use the mineral spirits wipe down method make sure you do it evenly. I read something recently that recommended not using tack cloths because they could leave residue behind that would cause finishing problems later.

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