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How To Make Wood Turning Blanks From A Log

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When you cut the logs off the tree saw through the middle along the length of the log. Preparing turning wood is an essential skill for wood turners since green wood frequently appears in log form.

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This is the direction the wood would go if it flew off of the lathe.

How to make wood turning blanks from a log. From trees to turning blanks preparing the log. I use my chainsaw and perform the cuts shown in this video to cut my bowl blanks. Cutting lumber from logs.

Cherry is a hard wood that would be expensive to. Once you are ready to start cutting grab your ear plugs safety glasses and a dust mask. You should still paint the end grain to slow drying but this material can be stacked and stickered to air dry.

It would be nice to cut nothing but long straight blanks from logs but that is seldom possible especially when the focus is retaining the center wood. You want to match the size of your face plate to the size of your turning blank. A recent storm broke 2 large limbs on the big cherry tree in my garden.

Not all log sections must be sliced lengthwise to make bowl. Also check out these related videos. While cutting the logs into segments i try to square the ends within reason.

I prepare wood into bowl blanks and stack in the shed for a couple of years label the wood with date and type of wood. Working with the end grain. The firing zone is at right angles to the lathe where the bowl blank is.

Author scott posted on october 24 2018 october 29 2018 categories collecting preparing wood for tuning trees and wood tags cutting bowl blanks from a log cutting bowl blanks from logs cutting bowl blanks with a chainsaw cutting bowl blanks without a chainsaw cutting wood blanks cutting wood blanks for turning cutting wood bowl blanks. Seasoning your own wood turning blanks from fallen tree limbs. Even with a dust collector you will probably want a mask.

This video covers my methods for slabbing logs into turning blanks. This will relive the stress in the rings as it dries. If you want to have square turning blanks you can process the log on a bandsaw and make 2 x 2s 3 x 3s or bowl blanks.

What woodturner can drive by a downed tree without thinking hmmm. When you turn on your lathe use a slow speed and stand clear of the firing zone. Locate the jig on the table and be sure that the blade is not contacting your blank.

I explain some of the basics in cutting green wood logs into wood turning blanks. The wood under the bark is wetter and will shrink more as it dries causing cracks. Part 2 will cover the sealing and.

Rather than cut them up for fire wood i decided to turn them into blanks and leave them to season naturally for future use. At the center of a log is the original tree stem called the pith. Fire up the saw and slowly advance the piece into the blade.

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Seasoning Your Own Wood Turning Blanks From Fallen Tree Limbs

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