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How To Remove Mirror Mastic

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Then remove a towel and shave the blob away with the chisel. I needed to salvage the mirror to make the smaller units.

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Clean the gypsum board and adhesive off of the mirror.

How to remove mirror mastic. Once the mirror was in the shop i was at a loss to get the remaining mastic off without damaging the mirror. Shaving might require significant effort but it should go slowly. Simply cut around the mastic and through the outer drywall paper with a sharp utility knife.

Lift the entire panel of drywall out of the wall. If the remaining mastic patches are on drywall it is a waste of time to try to remove it. How to remove a wall mirror method 2 remove a wall mirror with a drywall saw push a drywall saw into the wall near the mirrors edge.

Continue heating 12 minutes till the mastic will start melting and penetrating a towel. Mastic strips dont want to tear off quickly. If mastic was applied in just certain areas then applying mastic in new areas will be successful.

Removing mastic from mirror attempts to remove mastic will tend to damage mirror backing. This will leave the brown pulpy drywall paper showing. The mirror and mastic should be just warm.

I looked all over the internet and didnt find anything except professional mastic remover at your local glass shop or from internet vendors. Cut a perimeter around the mirror using the drywall saw. Now peel off the white outer layer of drywall paper.

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How To Remove Mirror Mastic From Drywall
How To Remove Mirror Mastic From Drywall
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