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How To Strengthen A Miter Joint

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Then go ahead and route the dovetail slot. I realize that the glued surfaces are mostly end grain and will need reinforcing.

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You would make a cradle for your table saw that allows you to hold the frame vertically so that the corner rides on the table with each side at 45 to the table like a vee.

How to strengthen a miter joint. Other so the miter corners will properly align when the joint is fully seated no matter how many dominos you hide in that miter joint. Strengthen miter joints with splines by marc adams 236novdec 2013 issue q. Can anyone provide any easy boating season is.

Bob s my coffee table is coming along nicely. The splines create additional gluing surface and help prevent the miter joints from opening up over time. An alternative would be to glue up the frame with the miters as butt joints and then cut the splines in across the corners.

Its a good idea to start with a straight bit. Now add a few clamps from both sides of the joint to press the miter even further. I have white oak 2 square cut on 45 deg.

The easiest way to cut these slots is at the table saw. To strengthen the miter joints in the corners of a box like this one i add splines. If you want to hide the end grain of a board a miter joint is the joint to make.

The hardwood splines are glued into slots cut across the miter joints. The domino xl offers a variety of ways to do this. I like the technique marc adams uses to cut accurate miters on a crosscut sled how to cut precise joints on the tablesaw fww 235 but i noticed that there was no key or spline in the miter to reinforce the joint.

Again cut your miter joints first. Gluing up the joint. How to miter corners.

To make faux dovetails you will need a jig to hold the box at a 45 degree angle same as for cutting the splines while you route a slot using a dovetail bit. You will need to readjust the depth of cut setting on the domino when you work at points other than the center of the miter. Miter joints are decorative joints used for picture frames door and window trim and around openings.

I will glue the four pieces together and want to strengthen the joint. After spreading glue on the mitered surfaces the inside walls of the grooves and on the splines or domino dowels etc marry the two miter banks together and reinforce the joint with masking tape strips applied on the outside. Miter joints are weak joints but.

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