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Hvlp Compressor Vs Turbine

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I have reviewed a lot of the thread on hvlp turbine versus hvlp gun with compressor spraying. Hvlp turbine vs compressor previous next.

Hvlp And Airless Paint Sprayers Paintpro

Aerojet F4 Hvlp Turbine Paint Sprayer

Hvlp Turbine Vs Compressor Hvlp Spray Gun

We find that being able to spray or do touch ups on any job site can be very beneficial.

Hvlp compressor vs turbine. I do both shop and onsite work and the finish must match i often do boxesmoulding onsite but doorsdrawers in shop. Today i rented an accuspray 240 hvlp turbine system and sprayed an oil based black enamel through it. Except for fuji hvlp turbines from all makers are essentially the same and most use the same brand of internals.

How does a conventional gun acheive the hvlp function. Question whats the difference between an hvlp high volumn low pressure spray gun that operates on a conventional air compressor source vs. Traditional compressor and hvlp gun.

I typically use target waterborne finishes and have two guns from homestead finishes a qualspray qs 600wb which i use for tinted laquers 65006600 and a qs 125 for clears. If they give the same results why bother with a turbine and its pricey price tag. A turbine hvlp spray gun is an independent system that utilizes a turbine to generate the volume of air that an hvlp spray gun requires to spray.

What is a turbine hvlp spray gun and what is a compressor hvlp spray gun. One that runs on a turbine. It worked great but if im going to spend that much money i think i would lean toward a compressor running an hvlp gun mainly for the versatility of having a compressor and because i dont need portability.

I do all my spraying in my shop and ive always used a hvlp gun hooked up to an air compressor for spraying my finishes. Hvlp turbine systems are portable but compressor systems are not since turbine systems are light and compact the entire system is portable. The turbine draws sufficient air into the unit which is then transferred through the hose which pro.

Hvlp turbine unit vs. The most desirable feature for any turbine is to have it as quiet as possible. Also gravity feed vs.

Before purchasing hvlp equipment i want to ask opinions on the hvlp turbine like the fugi system vs. Compressor talked to homestead and after realizing that lugging a 30 gallon compressor on site for any refinishing jobs wouldnt be too much fun i went for a fuji super 4. Even having the option to move your unit indoors or outdoors can help when spraying specific projects.

A standard turbine sounds like a very loud vacuum cleaner. The noise level of a standard turbine can become annoying.

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