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Latex Paint Over Oil Based Primer Peeling

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Luckily ive never done thisyet but from what ive read you can paint oil base over latex but you cant paint latex over oil base less it will alligator up on you. It is no different then applying latex paint over oil based primer which is recommended by paint manufacturers for bare wood read the label.

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Can You Paint Latex Over Oil Based Paint

The surface must be properly prepared.

Latex paint over oil based primer peeling. The gumminess to which you refer is a general characteristic of latex acrylic paints. If not the existing paint is oil based. Preparation includes deep clean sanding.

How to paint oil base paint over peeling latex. The problem with painting latex over oil based paint is the simple idea that oil and water dont mix. Placing latex over the oil primer.

Be sure to wash away any dust caused by the sanding and allow the area to dry before adding your paint. Latex paint can be applied over oil based paint. Unfortunately when going over a poorly bonded latex paint which is sitting on top of an oil paint the bond of the new paint or primer is only as good as the adhesion of that latex paint to the original oil paint.

Latex over oil base paint should not be a problem. Glossy surfaces will not take a second layer of paint well. Ok guys i need your help.

You may have to lightly sand the primer over smooth wood surfaces with 180 grit sandpaper to provide an easier bonding surface. Clean the surface with a sponge dipped in a solution of tsp trisodium phosphate mixed with water. The key is proper surface preparation sanding.

I have personally applied latex paint over oil finishes many times with great results. Lightly sand the surface with fine sandpaper 180 to 220 grit to remove the gloss. Most likely the problem was with the paint used and not adhering to the oil paint.

No latex over oil is a myth. Remove the cleaner with a sponge and clean water then allow the surface to dry. There is nothing inherent in the oiled based paint material that precludes an additional latex layer.

Peeling latex paint is not only an eyesore but also it is an indicator of inadequate preparation by the person who applied it. Oil based primers take at least eight hours to dry. This is the only way to ensure a professional long lasting finish.

If you try to use latex a water based paint on top of oil paint with an alkyd or linseed oil binder without the proper preparation or primer in between all your efforts will peel off or chip off before long. If you plan to replace the peeling latex with an oil based paint take the necessary time to prepare the surface properly. It does not sound good when you say the paint is rubbery and peeling i would remove the latex paint altogther sand the trim then repaint.

To apply latex paint over oil based. Well my best carpenter called me tonight said he primed painted his bathroom with latex primer paint now it peeling on him in big strips.

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