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Lathe Swing Meaning

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Each stated limit must be understood in contest. The 7×10 7×12 and 7×14 mini lathes all have a 7 swing meaning that the maximum size workpiece that can rotate without hitting the bed is 7 in diameter.

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Can wei get a definition of the swing of a lathe.

Lathe swing meaning. I think i know what it means but i would appreciate if someone with more knowledge could explain it. A related dimension swing over carriage or swing over cross slide. Updated september 15 2017.

Wizard191 0318 12 december 2008 utc as you probably figured the swing is a measurement of how large a workpiece can be turned on the lathe. Some lathes are designed with a gap between the bed rails that allow the part to swing below the bottom of the headstock. Some lathes have what is commonly known as a gap bed.

Definition of lathe swing. There is a section of the bed just in front of the head stock that can be removed at will to accommodate larger diameter material. How to measure a metal lathe swing by tom fritchman.

If the distance from the spindle centre to the bed is 6 inches. If you have a lathe and want to measure for the swing you simply measure from the bed of the lathe to the center of the spindle and then double that measurement. Swing a dimension representing the largest diameter workpiece that a lathe can rotate.

A 12 swing means you can turn a bowl that has a 6 radius and it will clear the bed of the lathe. To determine the maximum size of an object that your lathe can accommodate you must measure its swing you can readily. Again multiply by 2 and youll have the swing over the cross slide.

If you measure 6 then you have a 12 swing lathe. The first number is referred to as the swing of the lathe which is the maximum diameter of a piece or work that can fit in the lathe. The swing over the bed refers to the largest diameter material that the lathe can hold.

What does the term swing on a lathe mean. This site might help you. The 2nd is to measure from the axis to the top of the cross slide.

The section is removed and a gap is left. Yet you can carry 2 tons and a cord of wood. One is the swing over the ways.

It is the maximum diameter of the workpiece. Find it by measuring from the axis of the lathe to the closest point on the ways typically the top of the v on the back side of the ways then multiply it by 2. Lathe swing is the diameter of the wood that can be turned.

A metal lathe is a useful tool for shaping and shearing metal but it is has limitations on the size of object or stock it can handle. It is inpractical if not impossible to load 2 tons of cotton candy on a 2 tons pick up just as is hill advised to fill the bed 4 feet high with lead.

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