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Lye And Bleach

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Ashes in the washtub bucking with lye the buck wash. How to neutralize bleach.

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Soap making was a big deal back in the old farm days of americana.

Lye and bleach. Clorox liquid bleach was introduced to commercial customers in 1913 in oakland california. Wood bleach is effective because it oxides wood fibers and alters the color reflecting molecules. However bleach is an extremely corrosive substance capable of.

The raw materials for making household bleach are chlorine caustic soda and water. Bleach is the generic name for any chemical product which is used industrially and domestically to whiten clothes to lighten hair color and to remove stainsit often refers specifically to a dilute solution of sodium hypochlorite also called liquid bleach. Lye soap was the soap of pioneer america a mixture of boiled animal fat and lye.

Lye and chamber lye ashes lye making black soap urine. Lye made from water run through ashes from a wood fire. At last we have found a picture showing the old way of bucking laundry in lye.

It is still made even today and sold through various retail and online outlets. Many bleaches have broad spectrum bactericidal properties making them useful for disinfecting and sterilizing and are used in. Bleach is an amazingly cheap and effective disinfectant and clothes brightener and it also comes in handy when stripping and cleaning wood.

If you have wood that needs to be cleaned you can put bleach on wood. Lye translation to spanish pronunciation and forum discussions. The good news is that there are natural alternatives to bleach depending on what the bleach is needed for.

Usually its just a convenience but a health inconvenience. Who remembers grandmas lye soap. Outside of extreme circumstances like serious blood infections or medical settings bleach is rarely a necessity.

Many people use bleach to clean stains lighten the natural color of the wood or even combat dark spots on the aged wood. Clorox brand household bleach is a solution of five chemicals dissolved in water that perform bleaching cleaning and disinfecting functions. The chlorine and caustic soda are produced by putting direct current electricity through a sodium chloride salt solution in a process called electrolysis.

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