Porsche Cayman Manual Vs Pdk

at first it may seem strange to have a head to head comparison using the same model porsche against itself however there x27 s a major difference you can x27 t see from the outside one cayman has a manual gearbox and the other comes equipped with pdk which one is best

pdk has solved all these issues and them some which is why nearly 90 of current 911 buyers opt for this transmission option as crisp and involving as the porsche manual remains pdk x27 s ability to switch gears in 100 milliseconds means it has not only erased the manual x27 s accelerative advantage but surpassed it

i have a 718 cayman pdk on order and have a few days to change the spec when i placed the order you could only have the pdk box however i notice you can now have a manual box has anyone had any experience of manual vs pdk on a porsche 718 my last 2 cars have been a focus rs manual heavy clutch

porsche pdk vs manual transmission an important question porsche buyers often face is whether they should buy their car with pdk or manual transmission for the hardcore purists nothing can replace the mechanical feeling you experience when changing the gears with a traditional shift knob

porsche 911 manual vs pdk gearbox as so much of the x27 stick or paddle x27 debate is based on subjectivity we x27 ve brought two porsche 911s together at the bedford autodrome to see what a vbox can add

my daily driver has been a manual for oh 18 years now i x27 m a big fan of manual especially in a porsche where you want maximum driver connection however my new macan has a pdk and it x27 s awesome i understand the appeal of both but if i x27 m driving a 911 or a cayman i would absolutely prefer the manual

while the manual transaxle is lubricated with 3 5 quarts of hypoid gear oil the pdk requires two types of lubricant gears and shafts run in 3 7 quarts of hypoid gear oil

6 pdk is simple pdk means no more missed gears which is quite an achievement in the seven speed manual 991 also porsche has perhaps deliberately muddied the experience of the manual gearbox in 991s by making the driver constantly battle across clunky gates with an overtly weighty throw on c4 models

especially if manuals become prized due to their rarity i x27 d suggest driving both on any porsche pdk is noticeably faster than the manual and just a brilliant box probably the best dual clutch tranny ever but i keep hearing reading how sweet the 6 speed drives

i have been driving manual x27 s since the 70 x27 s also i purchased a pdk last year really liked it at first i thought if i really get bored with it i would go back to a true manual for my next porsche i love the pdk with normal shift mode sport and sport it is like have 3 completely different driving cars never thought i would like it so much

figure 1 porsche manual transmission vs pdk transmission manual vs pdk transmission manual transmission porsche x27 s manual transmission is the venerated praised and desired choice by many purists and enthusiasts around the world requiring three pedals and two feet to operate it originated with 5 speeds then 6 and even 7 on modern porsches

the manual cayman s is also marginally faster in top speed and in 0 400m sprint than the pdk it is also lighter than the 2 7 pdk also present in the test

718 cayman manual or pdk reply prev of porsche centre sheffield have just put on demo their new white manual 718 sure they would be happy for you to drive

to read josh and lee x27 s full reviews of both porsche 991 gearbox choices check out our comprehensive pdk vs manual track and road test in total 911 issue 113 available to order online or to download immediately

how much better is the new porsche cayman than the old one with 245 horsepower and a five speed manual my 2014 cayman s tester was much more loaded in terms of features and packed a larger

2020 porsche 718 cayman gt4 review escaping the 911 x27 s shadow the six speed manual is fun say the porsche engineers but the pdk is fast but it x27 s whispered a pdk equipped 718 cayman gt4

like before the gt4 will only be available with a six speed manual at least at first from what we hear porsche plans to eventually add an optional pdk

we x27 ve been critical of the latest boxster and cayman on public roads they feel like sanitized versions of their former selves something that meets a set of criteria and ups the limit for a

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youtube x27 s nick murry x27 s most recent video is a comparison of a porsche 911 carrera equipped with pdk vs his 911 c4s equipped with a 7 speed manual transmission and even though he x27 s wearing a t shirt that x27 s less than flattering toward drivers of pdk transmissions i x27 ll let you figure out what it says he does go on to list 6 reason pdk can be

me personally i x27 d take the pdk in a heartbeat if it checked out do not ever buy a used car particularly a porsche without a complete and detailed prebuy inspection from a competent shop sorry for yelling but i can x27 t emphasize that enough an

the tip and it x27 s successor the tip 2 were traditional automatics with a torque converter and electronic lock up under normal conditions the impeller on the back of the crankshaft spun the fluid against the turbine and thence the gears gear shi

the pdk transmission utilizes the same constant mesh gear set and synchronizer configuration as porsche x27 s modern manual gearboxes but there are two separate transmission input shafts each with its own multi plate clutch pack the two clutch packs are arranged concentrically within a shared drum that resides in the transmission bell housing

porsche vehicle delivery appexplore the porsche model lineup with exterior photos and panoramic interiors full of interactive exercises videos owner x27 s manuals and other informative content that will help you fully enjoy the features of your new or future porsche vehicle

the unit develops 300 hp at 6 500 rpm maximum torque is 280 lb ft thanks to turbocharged induction it is available as low as 1 950 rpm and prevails until 4 500 rpm with porsche doppelkupplung pdk the new 718 cayman accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in only 4 7 seconds reaching a top track speed of 170 mph the 2 5 liter turbocharged boxer engine

missing driving a sports car since i sold my z4m coupe a year or so ago when i bought the z4 i was originally considering a cayman s but bmw and the bmw dealer were giving so much off the z4 that i couldn x27 t pass it up so now i am looking at low mile 981 cayman models again so far i x27 ve driven a 2015 gts with manual and a 2014 s with pdk

at 5 1 seconds this cayman pdk x27 s 5 to 60 mph rolling start shaves a full second off the manual x27 s time performing a 30 to 50 mph passing maneuver requires 2 9 seconds and 50 to 70 mph takes 3 1

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